Friday, September 25, 2009

Camera Strap Cover

I've been working on a camera strap cover for a friend. My intention was that it would be reversible so that on days when she wasn't feeling the blue she could just flip it inside out and ta da! Red!

I realized pretty quickly that because of the nice thick fleece interfacing that I used (to help add padding and make the strap more comfortable) there was no way this little tube was going to be easy or convenient to just turn on a whim. Also, I think the pocket I made for the lens cap is too small to actually hold a lens cap. Bummer. Back to the drawing board I guess. The hubby had a great idea that I'm eager to try next.

In the meantime, here is the finished, super comfy, non-reversible camera strap cover. My apologizies for the rotten photo quality. I finished late last night and was way too eager to wait for nice natural light so we have to deal with that nasty flash glare.

The fabric is from the 1974 collection from Urban Chicks for Moda. I tell you what, those Urban Chicks can do no fiber wrong in my opinion.

I'm guessing this will find it's way onto the Etsy site once we put the finishing touches on our policies and go live. After all, it is still cute and functional--even if it isn't all I'd hoped.



  1. Very cute and functional, nice job centering the fabric as well. :) If I had a camera bag with a strap, I would want one.

  2. HIP hip hooray!! You have a business! Wanna be my marketing agent? I'm putting you on my blogs to follow list (once I get my site back up. Ughh). I'm so excited for you two!