Tuesday, September 29, 2009

The Silent Partner…

For those who may have thought that Lindsay was an only child and was just making up a sister/partner in sewing, I, Michelle, the other (younger) sister, am finally here, entering a post. As with almost everything in our lives growing up, my sister is an over achiever, and I am left to try to fill her shadow. Seriously, she has three projects underway and blogged about, and I am just now getting around to introducing myself? Good thing we aren’t competitive, right mom and dad?

The truth of the matter is that, despite the lack of posts, I have been working on a few projects, most notably, a costume for the previously mentioned Little Bug, my niece.

To give some background, a little over a year ago, I got married – yeah! Our ideal reception idea was a “fancy picnic,” and our colors were light blue and brown. So in order to achieve the picnic feel; I purchased a few YARDS of blue gingham to serve as table accents.

I think it looks quite nice; the problem however, is what to do with all that gingham AFTER the big day? Well I thought, since my husband originally hails from Kansas, it would be cute to make a Dorothy costume for my little one. Next problem – I don’t have a little one, nor is a little one in the near future plans (just in case you were wondering.) So next best thing…you guessed it, a Dorothy costume for my niece.

I spent a few weekends at my sister’s abode, and started the project on her machine. I then returned to my home, and my machine, to finish the project only to discover the multiple inadequacies of my machine, especially when compared to my sisters (please remember I am NOT competitive with my sister.) But, despite my flawed machine, I worked through the pattern (yes I use patterns) at home. The flaws proved too much to get over and I have since ripped out every last stitch I made on my own machine, AND ordered a new sewing machine.

Isn't it pretty. It is the same machine that my sister has, so I know I will like it. And the best news…it should be at my apartment as I type this – per Amazon “Where is my package” it is being delivered today! Since all projects have been put on hold until I receive my new machine, (how could I possibly be expected to work on such an inferior machine?), you can look forward to many more posts from me very soon.



  1. I'll take 'being competitive' over 'sibling rivalry' anyday. You only serve to make each other better and that's a good thing. =D

  2. I can't wait to hear if the machine came and how you like it! Hooray!!! :)

  3. Shell, this first post of yours kept a smile on my face the whole time and at points had me laughing out loud. Glad to have your digital fingerprints on the blog as well.