Monday, October 26, 2009

Apron Listing

As promised, I have posted my first apron to Etsy for public purchase. I titled it from a similar pattern from this book, though the only thing I followed from the book's pattern was the scaloped bottom.The book does not call for a lace trim nor for the apron to be reversable. You may sense a reversable pattern theme with my apron work thus far. There is something about the option of picking the side you want to used based on the feel of your day, that really attracts me to the idea. I mean getting 2 in 1, always seems like the best option to me.If you agree, need an apron, and like what you see here; check out our Etsy shop for more pictures and your chance to make this little treat your own.



  1. O.k., that's so cute I just might have to buy it for myself. :) I LOVE the scalloped hem.

  2. Mom doesn't wear aprons or I'd get it for her if Lindsay passed on it. The lace trim sets it off nicely and the hem is cute, even whimsical. Being reversible also allows you to wear it twice before laundering. =D