Friday, October 9, 2009

Cell Phone/ iPod/ Gaget Case

I have a new boss. She has a new phone. And she needed a stylish way to keep it on her because she's just not into the hip clip look. When she found out that I sew she commissioned me to help solve her problem.

Enter this cute little cell phone case. Inspired by this Moda Bake Shop tutorial and some other similar cases I found on Etsy I set to work.

Forgive the rotten photo quality and staging. I finished this puppy at 11 pm last night so I was lacking in both natural light and creative staging inspiration.
It's hard to tell from these photos (sorry!) but this fabric is a really soft, narrow corduroy in brown and a really bright robin's egg blue. Super cute.

It closes with a magnetic snap so there is no danger of losing your valuable electronics. There is a short strap so it can be carried as a wristlet, or you can attach the strap extension and wear it around your neck.

I have to say, both my boss and I were a little afraid the "around the neck" option might end up looking a little too much like rapper bling, which probably wouldn't go over well in the middle of nowhere Indiana, but it doesn't look that way at all. It is actually a really cute alternative for people who need to have their phone (or iPod) on them but don't want to look like a construction worker wearing it on their hip.

I have to admits, I thought I would just let the boss test drive this one before I made her actual case but she liked it so much that she's going to buy it! Not to worry though, I have a good deal more of this fabric so you may see one of these in the Etsy shop in the near future.



  1. I like the short strap/long strap option. That's nice. =D

  2. I was up until 1:30 this morning working on the Vogue Dress. All it need is a zipper and a hem and it is done. I didn't think trying a zipper at 1:30 was the best reprise of the costume zipper attempt. I am bringing it to work on this weekend.

  3. Dang Shell, I was up until about 11:30 and almost photo texted you but decided it was too late (I always forget about the time difference).

    Dad, I like the option too. I think that makes it much more useful AND marketable.

    Since posting this, I've had two more custom orders and one for a purse in this fabric. I wish I had some vacation time left!