Monday, October 5, 2009

First project on to the next one.

I thought I would provide a photo essay of the making of the Dorothy costume: I used Simplicity Pattern 4024. For some reason, I found the skirt accent band very challenging. I don't know if I wasn't reading the instructions right, but it was not simple as the name brand suggests. Perhaps I am just not the best with an iron and straight lines. The point was to have a contrasting band across the bottom of the skirt, so they had the gingham on a diagonal. I ended up ripping this band off and using a smaller gingham print as the contrast, instead of a different diagonal.And now a shot with the top.
And the bloomers, without elastic.
And with...I am hoping these fit better than the last pair I made. I previously used this pattern to make a pair of bloomers to match a dress my sister made for The Bug. I shipped them off to my sister, and she informed me that they turned out humorously big. So this time, I cut the pattern down a size and used less elastic.
Finally the picture you have all been waiting for....drum roll is a picture of the finished project:
All it needs now is a hem. I think it looks good in pictures and will look nice on, assuming it fits (we will see next weekend.) I am generally very happy with it, but I did have many problems & frustrations along the way. When looking at it up close one will definitely notice the little things that make it homemade. For instance, I did have some difficulty aligning everything, especially with the zipper. I ripped that thing out multiple times and broke two needles attempting to get it perfect. In the end I settled for close to perfect, after all I am not sending this to 4H judging, and it is my first attempt.
I did learn from the experience, and am applying what I learned to my next project: Vogue Pattern V8469.
I had originally thought I would make the dress for me, but the sizing isn't quite right. So when it is done it will probably make its way to our Etsy site.
I will be really sad to see it go. I LOVE the material. It is linen, which it proving to be really easy to work with. I have taken it apart a few times, but I am pretty happy with its current state.
This is also my first attempt (IN YEARS) of working with lining. The one side is laying PERFECTLY, the other side not so much. I will probably tear it out tonight and try again. But I am learning, it is all part of the process!
~ Michelle

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  1. I LOVE the costume Shell!! It looks so good!! And you know I can't wait to see the dress. I love that fabric too. You just can't go wrong with linen.

    (and nice photography skills, btw. Did not go unnoticed)