Friday, October 16, 2009

A Little Birdie

It's been a busy week, not much sewing going on. But I did have some time last night during Survivor and The Office to start a little embroidery on the top of the baby quilt I'm working on.

I haven't ever embroidered anything before so I read up on stitches and technique a little before getting started. Thankfully, it seems like a pretty intuitive process. It was a lot like drawing, just with thread, so it was really fun for me.

I got two of these sweet little birdies done last night. I'm hoping to scatter a bunch of them all over so the sweet baby girl's big sisters can have fun playing "find the blue bird".

Oh, and I realize that you can see my guidelines (the turquoise) but those will come out in the wash, I promise!!

So I'm trucking along on this quilt project and feeling pretty good about where I'm at on it. Baby Girl is scheduled to arrive mid-December so I've still got plenty of time to wrap up the embroidery, machine quilt it and put on the binding. Heck if I get done with time to spare I might even hand quilt a little. I do love hand stitching so, it would be a shame not to do any.



  1. Pretty darn good imho, for a first try at embroidery. =D

  2. Whoa!! You go girl! I can't believe you've never done that before! Isn't it fun?!