Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Wash Day Skirt

Meet the Wash Day Skirt.
Soon to be added to the Etsy store.

I love this sweet vintage print from Robert Kaufman. These little dolls make doing laundry look fun! The plaid accent band at the hem and on the tops of the pockets is Mary Engelbreit and the fun flower print on the pockets is from a random fat quarter I picked up somewhere.

I want to try some new skirt styles but this basic elastic waisted twirl skirt is just so fun to make and embellish it may be a while before I try anything new. I love the little poofy pockets on this one. Just perfect for holding clothspins, or perhaps (more likely) sticks and stones and acorns.

This sweet little skirt is one of a kind and has a 20" waist so it should fit a girls size 4 or 5.



  1. Very cute. Ready to buy a factory and start mass production? =D

  2. Maybe we should go back to Lolly's for some more of that fabric, is that where you got this? The pockets are really cute! I think I need to start free styling, patterns take too long to follow!

  3. Yeah, I did get it at Lolly's. After I saw how cute this skirt was turning out to be I really did want to make another trip up there. :)

    I think I might try to use that pattern I bought when you got your dress pattern next. I think it might be cute in the brown cord. (w/the apples) I bought. But I might need to add sleeves.

    I wish I could take a week off work and just sew. lol.

  4. Ooh! You made this in Nora's size on purpose, didn't you?! I love the pockets too. I got a Lolly's gift cert. for my birthday. Can't wait to get back!