Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Pillow and Blanket

Part two of the series: "Things the Bug needs for Day Care"
O.k. so the Bug has enough blankets to keep a small country warm. But I couldn't help myself. She needed to have a blanket and pillow that she could keep at day care. We are used to bringing her blanket home every night so it was no big deal just to take the favorite blanket. But she needed one that she could leave at school. And it had to have her name on it.

Since I'm no fan of the "Sharpie on fabric" method of labeling things I broke out some more of my hand dyed fabric and cut out itty bitty letters.

The blanket is fabric picked out by the Bug. I think she did a good job with this sweet owl flannel. And I picked out the soft minky dots for the back. I know she will love how soft it is and the bumpy texture is just bonus.

I added the brown rick rack detail at the bottom to dress up what would have other wise been a wide expanse of green owl-ness and to highlight her name applique. I think otherwise it might have gotten lost in the busy print.

I think the pillow is her favorite. She is just learning to recognize certain letters and, of course, this particular letter is her favorite.

I tied the pillow in with the blanket with more rick rack detailing. The minky fabric is on the back so she can choose the most comfortable sleeping side.

This is one project that she loved on site. I will always remember how she squeeled with glee when she saw it. I think someone might have a new favorite blankie. I only hope she's o.k. with leaving it at day care.


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