Monday, November 2, 2009

A Purse and a Dilemma

This is why I shouldn't make purses.

My friend requested a purse in this fabric after she saw the cell phone case I made a while back. I finally got around to making it and now I love it so much that I don't want to part with it.

I love, love, love this purse.

Lea, if you change your mind, it's totally o.k. with me. I promise I won't be offended!

The strap is just long enough to toss over your shoulder. The body of the purse is super soft, thin corduroy, with a fleece interfacing on the interior for added support. There's a cute, curvy pocket on the back and a fun polka dot pocket on the inside. The whole thing closes up with a silver magnetic purse snap.


I don't know if I have enough of the brown cord to eek out another one of these puppies for myself but you'd better believe I will be trying!



  1. So then you probablly don't have enough for two? :) I really like the design of this purse! The print is more bold than I think I could get away with, but it is SO AMAZING! I think this might be your best work to date. :) Of course I don't have much use for kids' skirts or camera straps. :) LOVE IT! GREAT JOB!

  2. No, I don't have enough brown cord left. I checked before I went to bed last night. :( But I could maybe make a smaller one (like my spring purse). I'm going to look into that tonight.

    The print does look bold here but it isn't quite so "in your face" blue in reality.

    I will be making more of these in different fabric options though. It was pretty easy and so cute!