Monday, November 2, 2009

Town House Ruffle Skirt

I whipped up this simple little ditty over the weekend.
I found this cute fabric at JoAnn's, who has all of a sudden gotten some really cute stuff in. I know not all JoAnn's stores are like mine but ours has been so nasty (both in cleanliness and staff attitudes) in the past that I've all but stopped going there completely.

At any rate, I found the store in much better condition lately and the staff seem to have gotten attitude adjustments since I was last there. Thank goodness because we don't have many brick and mortar fabric shops around here. Unless you count the Amish ones and well, I'm just not that brave yet. Maybe after another ten years in Amish country I'll get up the nerve.

At any rate, I think this simple little skirt is quite sweet with the modern, funky cartoon houses juxtaposed against the dainty, almost old-fashioned, floral ruffle. And what little girl doesn't love purple, right? I know mine does.

This will be posted in the Etsy shop soon and since I have plenty of yardage I'll be able to custom make most any size you request!



  1. Can you custom make one for me? Just kidding! I need to get to Vogue tonight (didn't make it over the weekend.) Need some solids for my new Holiday Apron Line. :)

  2. I CAN make one for you, but I'm pretty sure it would use most of my yardage. lol. :) Teasing sis. I'm looking forward to seeing the Holiday aprons! I'm still waiting on the Christmas fabric I ordered. Sigh. . .