Thursday, December 3, 2009

Blue Purse

Yes, that is the most creative title I can come up with.
This little beauty is going in the Etsy shop today.

Much thanks to my sister for helping me figure out the buttonhole foot on my machine. It made sense for small buttons but this red monster button had me stumped.

The strap is a long one. Long enough that you can wear it across your body. As a mom, I like that because it's more secure. You just never know what I'll be toting around and it's nice to know my purse isn't going to slip off my shoulder when I respond to the inevitable, "Mommy hold me!"

Guess what? It's reversible! I love having options and I like that you can use the dark side in the cooler months and the lighter side in the summer. Or, whenever you want really. Maybe I'm the only one that's anal about my purse color "matching" the seasons?

I am really loving these big buttons. I guess it's slightly more labor intensive than the magnetic snap but it's so much cuter! I just stocked up on big buttons at JoAnn's Black Friday sale so I see more of these in my future!

And just because I am a pocket freak, two sweet little rounded pockets on the back.

Just perfect!


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