Sunday, December 20, 2009

Christmas Gift 2: Purse for Mom

Forgive the terrible lighting and staging in these photos please. I work primarily at night when the Bug is in bed and I get so excited when I finish a project that it's hard to wait until day light to photograph them! And so, you get my wood floor and shine spots from the flash.
With that in mind, understand that this photo does not to this purse justice. It is so cute it was hard to part with it but alas, I wrapped it up nicely and put it under the tree!

The front, with button flap.
This fabric is a really nice wool. I wish you could see the true depth and color of it. It's beautiful and I rescued this scrap from the remnant bin at JoAnn's! Score!

On the back, I tried my first pleated pocket. No one warned me of the dangers and difficulties of pleating with wool. It probably wasn't the best fabric choice for my first revisit of pleating techniques since I was twelve (just 10 short years ago).
Many burned fingers and frustrating hours later, I think the pocket turned out quite nicely. It's imperfect, but I love it just the same. I think there's a parallel in there for a mother's love, isn't there? Or am I over thinking the deeper meaning of my sewing projects again?
Here's a pocket detail.
I left just a tad of the pocket lining fabric showing at the top to break up that large expanse of brown wool back there. I love the little pop of color.

And the button. Found, once again, at the aforementioned Black Friday sale at JoAnn's. I sure am plugging them a lot here lately. But, they have regained a special place in my heart since my local store cleaned up it's act.

When I showed my Mom the buttons I bought that day she looked at this one and gasped a little. I think that's a pretty good sign she liked it, right? I knew when I saw it that this was the button for this purse.

And here's the button hole. Number two reason this purse almost did not come to be. I was an idiot and used two pieces of fleece interfacing inside of this button flap. I wanted it to be strong and to hold up well to lots of use. And, it is, so I've at least accomplished that.
However, it was so chunky that my sewing machine flat out refused to feed it through and the button hole foot kept getting caught. It was just messy and there was no way I was going to force it. So I broke out the embroidery floss and painstakingly stitches my way around the slit in the fabric. It has a cleaner look on the front side of the flap, but of course I didn't get a picture of that. I do like the yellow. Again, it's just a pop of color to break up all that brown.

And the inside.
Remember this vintage sheet? While I wouldn't necessarily want it on my bed--that would just be too much--I think this print is perfect in smaller doses. When I saw it laying next to the wool I just knew they were ment to be together.
And that's what my Mom got for Christmas this year!

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  1. LOVE the inside and the wool combination! VERY NICE purse!