Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Christmas Gift 3: Purse for Michelle

Over Thanksgiving, my sister and I went through boxes and boxes of vintage fabric from my grandma's attic. Jackpot!! What a gift!

It was almost all amazing. Even so, Michelle and I really only argued over one piece. She was kind enough to relent her claim on it and let me take it home. So, I thought I'd make her a purse out of it for Christmas!

See why we fought over it? Isn't it cute?

This pattern is the Buttercup Bag from Made By Rae. I did my pleating a little differently, left off the buttons and free styled the pattern a bit but it is essentially the Buttercup.

It is so cute! A little on the smaller side, it's great for an evening out or just a quick run to the store.

When I cut the bag out the first time I realized the fabric I had cut had a bit of age spotting on it so I had to cut another. The first one was still nice, just not perfect, so I whipped up the slightly spotted one quickly and used it as a White Elephant gift last Sunday. I'm pleased to say, spots and all, it was the hit of the party!

This is a super easy pattern and I'm looking forward to making more purses from it. Who knows, I may even bite the bullet and buy the rights to sell them! What do you think?

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  1. Looking at the pattern, I'd say yours is very different, except for the basic shape.
    P.S. and I LOVE my bag - thank you again for the special creation with all the thoughtful touches.