Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Christmas Gift 4: Drum Stick bag for Dad

The last but not least homemade family Christmas gift for my side of the family was a drum stick bag for my Dad. I went back and forth on whether or not to make it like the bags I saw for sale on-line or to go with more of a roll like people make for crayons or crochet hooks.

In the end, I just couldn't wrap my brain around how to make a traditional drum stick bag from the materials I had on hand in the time that I had available to me so I went the route of making a big roll out of some heavy weight white canvas I had.

I didn't manage to get any close up photos, but I did all of the stitching in red just to add some color and visual interest.

The best part of this project was that the large rectangle of blank white canvas on the back made a perfect place for the Bug to create a unique work of art for her Paw Paw. I had envisioned primary colored handprints all over (almost as if she were drumming) but my sweet, opinionated little fire cracker had her own vision. After the first yellow handprint she freaked out about the paint on her hand and refused to do any more until her hand was clean and we broke out the brushes.

So there you have it. A one of a kind gift any rockin' grandpa would treasure!



  1. And treasure it he does (I have it on really good authority). =D

  2. I am loving the look on your dad's face!