Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Turkey Dress

I've been wanting to try out a men's shirt refashion for a long time and a recent trip to Goodwill combined with the approach of Thanksgiving provided the perfect opportunity.

This project was a piece of cake and it turned out so beautifully. It looks like I spent a lot more time than I did on it!
You'll see I did not stage this picture. The Bug doesn't do photo shoots, she is far too busy making important phone calls. I think here she was talking to Fran the cat while working on puzzles and putting her doll baby down for a nap. See, far too busy for pictures.

There are so many tutorials for these dresses on-line but I sort of just did my own thing. For once, winging it really worked out for me.

I simply traced the shape of a dress in the Bug's closet right onto the freshly ironed shirt with a disappearing ink marker and cut it out (with seam allowances, of course). I used the buttons from the shirt front for the front of the dress and the back has the yoke and pleat from the back of the shirt. I cut the sleeves from the actual long sleeves of the shirt because I loved the cuff detail. All I had to do was move the button and gather at the top to accommodate the extra fabric. I love the super duper poofy gathering at the top of these sleeves. I normally would have toned it down a bit but these remind me of turkey legs, so I thought it fit the occasion.

The ruffle on the bottom was cut out of extra shirt fabric, as was the binding around the neckline. The perfect finishing touch was the brown lace along the button placket. I found it in my stash and it couldn't have fit more perfectly.

All those fun extra details from the shirt would be so time consuming to do from scratch but since this was a refashion, it was all done for me! Hooray for time savers! And hooray for re-using something that otherwise might have gone to waste. I think I paid $2.50 for this shirt at Goodwill and I'm sure I can score some freebies from her Daddy's closet for future attempts!


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  1. Linds - This is one of my favorite things ever! I love it!!! You're amazing.