Monday, January 25, 2010

The last Christmas gift post, I promise

Please welcome, The Super Cousins! Da dadada!

The Super hero capes were made from this tutorial, with a few adaptations.  Once I made the Bug's cape I knew they would need to be longer for her older cousins. Also, the neck seemed a little small so I made it a bit bigger too.  I used Velcro to fasten it around the neck so that they could easily come off and on and provide less of a choking hazard.  Each one is reversible and I made a matching reversible super hero face mask to go with it.

In hindsight, the Velcro is a bit itchy for delicate super hero neck skin so I'd probably rethink that.  And please, don't ever, ever ask me to work with satin again.  These capes wouldn't have the coolness factor with another fabric but it would have helped keep my temper much cooler.  Not a single thing I tried did much to help the slipping of the fabrics and beleive me I exhausted my Google search looking for something, anything, to make it easier. 

The Bug hated it when she opened it Christmas morning. But she sang another tune a week later when her cousins opened theirs.  They ran around the house playing heros and villans for nearly an hour and started referring to each other by their super hero names. Amazing. Adorable. Totally worth it.

The icing on the cake though, was my Brother-in-law's request for a cape of his own.  Supposedly, he wants to play super heros with his boys.  But he's also promised to wear it while drumming on the church worship team and with his band.  That promise alone will drive to work with the blasted satin one more time. 


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