Monday, January 18, 2010

Planner Cozy

Sometimes I get these gut feelings that I should do something nice for someone. I hate to say that more often than not, I don't act on those impulses.  I ignore them. Sit on my hands. Pretend I didn't hear.  Because I have this silly notion that somehow I'm not good enough.  Or that somebody else could do it better.

And truth be told,  I'm not good enough. Somebody else probably could do it better.

But that's no excuse for inaction.  No excuse at all.  Because I know deep down, that for most people, it truly is the thought that counts.  And there is far too little of that whole generous giving spirit going on in this world today.  I need to do better.

Enter this silly little project:

I consider myself extremely blessed to work with some of the best co-workers a girl could ever ask for.  Jessica, in particular, has become sort of my partner in crime around here because the poor girl shares (or at least tolerates) my sense of humor and sarcasm.  But beyond that, she's an amazing artist whose work has inpired me to dust off my sewing machine and start sewing again. 

And so, when she ordered a boring black planner and joked about how maybe she'd make a "cozy" to dress it up I knew what I needed to do.  I guessed, that like myself, Jess would never take the time to make something for herself.  So, when the planner came in I squirreled it away in my desk and snuck it home to fit it with this cute little cover.

I can't tell you how giddy I was to bring it back into work on Monday.  I was so giddy that I totally forgot to photograph it.  Thank goodness she did (photo credits to Jessica Flores).  And her reaction was priceless.  It warms my heart and makes me tear up to think such a simple gesture ment so much.  As if her joyful hug and sweet thank you note weren't enough, she blogged about it here.  So go visit her blog and be inspired (and check out her impossibly adorable little girl) and visit her Etsy shop and buy, buy, buy!

But don't buy so much that she thinks for one second that she could afford to quit her day job because this place just wouldn't be the same without her.



  1. Your sewing handwritting is even better then my regular handwritting - unbelievable! :) (Read Jessica's blog and I am also crying at my desk.)

  2. I miss this when it came up! Thank you again for the gift. It is a bright spot at my desk--makes me smile every time I look at it!