Sunday, February 21, 2010

Fabric Baby Shower and Birthday Banner

A friend of mine requested a banner for a baby shower she's hosting.  I love that my friends are so into handmade things and are always bringing me new projects and challenges. It's awesome and keeps things fresh for me when I get into a project rut.

I looked at lots of these on-line but ended up going with the scallop one I found at Vanilla Joy.  I just think the curves are so sweet and feminine.
I thought it was a shame to make such a pretty banner that could only be used once so I decided to make it double sided, with "Happy Birthday" on the other side.    I thought I was being quite clever until I happened along See Mommy Sew who made her banner reversible for boys on one side and girls on the other. Ah well. There are truly no new ideas are there? It was so helpful though because she pointed out that when sewing the flags together one side needs to be in reverse, otherwise when turned the message will read backwards.  I never would have thought of that and totally would have ended up with "yadhtrib yppah".

I probably would have cried.
I used every last pink print in my stash for this and it was so fun.  The Bug definitely needs one for her birthday.

Some things that came in super handy?

The library where I work has a die cut machine that teachers often use to cut letters and shapes for bulletin boards. But I realized a while ago that it was perfect for cutting felt too. In less than fifteen minutes I had all the letters I needed. I would not have had the patience to cut them by hand.

And my handy dandy mini-iron.  I got it a few years ago for Christmas and honestly haven't found it as useful as I thought I would. Until now.  It was absolutely perfect for pressing these seams open before I turned the scallops.


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  1. So cute! You're right--there's no new idea under the sun, but you have definitely upgraded this one!
    I also saw these in the Alicia Poulson book I got recently. I don't think she made hers double-sided. I would never have the patience to sew each scallop and turn it right side out! When I make them, I just pink the edges on one piece of fabric--I'm so cheap and lazy!
    I've used the die cut for regular cotton too, and it works brilliantly.
    AND--I so want a mini iron!!! Jealous!!