Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Recipe Card Holder (Special Order)

Made for a co-worker who saw the Christmas recipe card holders that I made and told me she needed something just like that!
I adapted the design a bit because I didn't like the way the tie closures laid on the ones I made for Christmas.  I really like the look of the button tab and it lays much flatter which is what I was going for.  Added bonus, it gave me some much needed practice making button holes on my new-ish machine. It's not like it's a difficult process I'm just a slow learner who is easily intimidated I guess.

I am loving the look of  linen paired with vintage looking prints and embroidery lately.  The simplicity of it just speaks to me.
And here's the interior. The floral print is one I picked up when this same co-worker was downsizing her fabric stash.  I hope she doesn't mind getting a little of it back but I thought it worked really well for this!
And the toile I picked because of this lovely little pastoral scene right here. It's tough to make out but the lady seated there on the left is reading a book to a bunch of wild and crazy kids.  Very appropriate since the recipient is a worker in the Children's department of the library and is quite familiar with trying to read to active little people!


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