Monday, February 1, 2010

A Weekend Sans Toddler!

The Bug spent the weekend with Grandpa and Grandma and what did I do with my time?

Did I use it wisely by organizing my seriously out of control post-Christmas sewing room?

It may look like a disaster area, and it is, but I know where every single thing I need is. And I can still see the floor, so it's not that bad, right?

I actually took the opportunity to catch up on those projects that tend to pile up.

I finally finished the hand quilting on the bluebird quilt! Yeah, baby girl is two months old tomorrow and my goal was to have it done before she arrived.  Ahem. . .
The revised goal is to have it completed and in the mail before her baptism. That gives me approximately two weeks to bind it. I can totally do that. Right?

And then I made a planner cover for a friend who saw the one I made for my co-worker and realized her own day planner needed gussied up!
She loves green.  When she said that, I knew this combo was perfect for her!
Shhhh. . . these used to be my living room drapes! But then we moved and didn't need them any more so I decided to repurpose the fabric because I still LOVE it!

And of course, since I couldn't decide which fabric should take center stage, I made it reversible so that she has to make that decision!  Jessica, I hope you love it!

It's amazing how productive I can be with more than a half hour here and there to work with!



  1. The quilt looks AMAZING! I am not kidding - I may just have a baby to get another one of your quilts - okay now that is a bad idea I know - but man oh man it looks SO good! (I am pretty sure the special baby it is for won't know that it came late. :) Unless her mom tells her.)
    The second cover is cute too - I prefer side one's material combo & side two's "J", but both sides are cute - you can never go wrong with reversible!

  2. Seriously - that quilt is DIVINE! Do you get tired of me telling you how impressed I am? Well, I'm sorry. I'm impressed!! Love the colors, the pattern, love it all!

  3. Your old 4-H advisor is VERY impressed and proud!!!!!

  4. Oh my goodness!! Your quilt is so gorgeous. I've been wondering how it's coming along. It blows my mind to think about all of those tiny stitches put in by hand. Wow!!! I want one so bad.
    Darling planner cover too! What a coinkydink that both of these were for Jessicas!