Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Can Can Skirts

Well, March may have come in like a lamb weather-wise but it hit our family like a lion.  Sorry for the extended abscence while I've been trying to pull it together on the homefront.  I think we are finally getting into a new swing around our place and the sewing is picking up again.

The most recent project is these Can Can skirts for the daughters of a friend. Big sister is purple, middle sister is pink and baby sister is blue.

I can't wait to see them on. The skirts are cute enough on their own but all three of them together is just going to put it over the top I think.
The skirts are made by sewing layer after layer of non-fray Nylon Chiffon ruffles onto a simple skirt. It was so fun to play with the colors in order to get the gradation.  Once I got into the swing of it, it wasn't as labor intensive as it seemed it might be. Although I think the time estimate on the patter was perhaps a little ambitious.  Hard to tell since I didn't actually have two to three hours to sit down and work and had to pull them together in shorter bursts.  I think that always makes a project take longer.

Prior to the skirts I made a taggie blanket for a co-worker's baby shower and a little rag doll for a friends baby shower. And all the while I'm trying to crank out the next baby quilt for Baby Girl who is due in May and I've convinced myself that the Bug needs something (or somethings) hand made for all the upcoming Easter festivities.

Current inspiration? This Mini Boden skirt:
In a slightly smaller spring green gingham I had in my stash.  I hope to have photos soon. It's coming together quite nicely (except for the little incident where the nylon chiffon petticoat got a little too close to my mini iron. Oops! Not a pleasant odor.)


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