Monday, March 29, 2010

Green Gingham Skirt

Have I mentioned that I am in love with this "flippy" skirt?  It's not in my budget though.  I'm more of a don't spend more than you would at a garage sale kind of a girl. I pride myself on my clearance rack skills. But you know how love is.  I couldn't get that darn skirt and how cute it would look on the Bug out of my mind. 

So what's a thrifty Mamma to do?  I had no choice but to make it myself. And let me tell you, I am even more in love with my version.
I have a thing for green. And free fabric. Which made this piece absolutely perfect for this skirt.  I added an underskirt of non-fray nylon chiffon underneath for extra flounce, though I'm not sure I needed it.  That gingham is gathered to the max.

The droopy bow belt is my favorite part. It has that perfect casual, cool, effortless look.

Of course we also needed a shirt to go with so I made a simple little shell and added some trim around the neckline.

And here's the Bug modeling.  She untied the bow first thing so I had to double knot it. Ah well. Live and learn.  She loves the skirt though because it is perfect for spinning and dancing. And that's all you need in a skirt when you are two.

This just in. . .

Remember those Can Can skirts? Well here they are, and they couldn't be any sweeter. These girls are lucky to have a crafty momma who whipped up three matching shirts with some of the extra chiffon. I think they really just make the whole outfit don't they?
Absolutely adorable.

Happy Easter!


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  1. Saw the Bug in the new skirt on Snapfish. Looks like she likes it. Very cute. =D