Thursday, June 10, 2010

Grandma's Quilt

I have inherited this quilt. It belonged to my grandparents and if I understand correctly, it was their wedding quilt.
First, the good:
I love the simple, classic blue and white.
And the hand quilting is gorgeous.  I can't imagine the time involved.
And now the bad and the ugly:
This quilt was used and loved so it is worn.
Most of the wear is around the border of the quilt, but it is significant.

The prarie point border is almost completely gone. So sad.

I am hoping to one day have this quilt restored. How I would love to pass it down to the Bug on her wedding day!



  1. It is really nice seeing it all laid out (on your fence.) Maybe you can take some classes on resoration - and then restore it yourself - I mean you do have approx. 20 years (hopefully) until there is a wedding. :) And you are talented enough to do it. And the added sentimentality. Just saying.

  2. You may actually only have about 15 years. The smart boy is going to ask early, so as not to lose her to someone else. The quilt is beautiful and definitely worth restoring. =D

  3. Oh it is lovely! I am sure someone can restore it and it looks so worth it.

    I just happened upon your blog and had to comment- quilts are so lovely.

    And something I just cant do!

  4. The Artful Quilters Guild might know some people they said we could get some of ours at the center done for $300 :)