Tuesday, June 29, 2010

The Popover Sundress

Saturday night I had several hours to myself and a serious itch to get back in the sewing room.  Summer sewing has proven difficult with all the other worthy things vying for my attention. And holy cow, the weeds in the garden just never stop do they?

But Saturday was all about sewing. I had wanted to try the oliver + s pop over sundress and I had the perfect vision in mind.  Two hours later I had a super cute dress for the Bug and a new favorite pattern. Seriously, this one is so simple and so cute!
To say the Bug was thrilled to wear it to church Sunday would be an understatement.
Check her out, cheesing it up for the camera! I usually can't even get her to look at me.
The dress was super cute and easy as is but I knew the Bug would need pockets so I added those as well as the three red buttons.  I also used some extra binding on the hem instead of finishing it in the traditional way. I like the way the yellow carries through from top to bottom.

I already have visions for more of these in different fabrics.  You can't go wrong with something so cute and easy! I just might need to ignore those weeds.



  1. Did you really say two hours? I think you may be some kind of a prodigy...

  2. Oh wow, this kind of adorable thing always makes me wish the sewing gene didn't skip this generation :)