Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Pop Over Sundress 2.0

I made another one. This one for the daughter of a friend. As I was making the dress for The Bug, I was envisioning this one and I just knew it was meant for this sweet, spunky girl.
I am in love with this yellow button.  Were I a single gal, I might consider marrying it, yes it's true.
It's vintage, from Grandma's collection. Even came to me on the original card. Perfection.

The blue rose fabric is also vintage from Grandma's stash of fabric. I only had an itty bitty piece but I managed to eek out two bodice pieces and some pleated pockets.

I got like 10 yards of that sweet lace for next to nothing at the infamous Vogue shop near my sister. Oh how I love it's dainty simplicity (the lace, not the shop--there is nothing simple about that shop).
I made an extra deep hem at the bottom so it can be let down as sweet girl grows.  She's working on being as tall and svelte as her Momma you know.

I hope you girls love this one as much, if not more, than version 1.0.  It was made with love and many prayers of blessing.  It will be in your spiffy new mailbox at church Sunday (unless you want it before then!).



  1. I am in love!!!!!! Linds, you are too good to us.

    ps- Your Grandma rocks!

  2. Oh, I see it's for the darling Rubster. She is going to look adorable in this. I want one for myself, it's so stinkin cute!