Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Another Baby Dress

And an announcement. . .
(No neither Michelle nor myself is expecting)

We have graciously been offered a spot at a friend's Apple Festival booth!
So if you are in need of itty bitty baby dresses, aprons and whatever other miscellany we can come up with between now and then, come on out and visit us! And buy some jewelry from Dawn too, just to say thanks for being such an awesome friend and encouraging us to step out and do this scary "craft fair" thing.

And now, the dress that is so "me" it could almost convince me to have another child.
And then I remember diapers. And no sleep. And diapers. And nipple cream. And diapers. And teething. And DIAPERS.
And I think I might be convinced to part with this sweet dress.  Yes, yes, I'm sure I can.
Pattern is the Itty Bitty Baby Dress courtesy of  Rae Hoekstra of made-by-rae.com 
Fabric is some random yardage I picked up.  It reminds the hubby of salt water taffy. Yum!
Photos are from my handy dandy cell phone because Lindsay is too impatient to take photos to wait until I get home and can use the big camera.
Desk is mine, at the library, just to prove I really do have a day job.  And because I'm pushing the envelope with my cutting edge photo styling.

And this somewhat unclear photo is evidence of the finishing.  The skirt is finished with French seams.  I swear there is one in the picture--look over to the right. The bodice is lined and hand stitched down to cover the seam. I know how tender newborn skin is and I don't want any nasty rough seams causing trouble for your little one.

I really enjoy taking the time to make my garments well. These may be simple patterns but you can be sure much care has been taken with every detail.

So visit 402 Center Street Designs at the Nappanee Apple Festival. Get your apple dumpling first (priorities!) and then stop by. If we don't have what you are looking for, take a card, send us an e-mail. We are always happy to do custom orders!



  1. Just checking did you use the phrase "nipple cream" on our blog...for those of us more squeamish non-mother readers out there - I apologize. :)

  2. I did.
    I said it.
    It's part of my passive aggressive plan to force you out of sewing hibernation. ;)
    And since it seems to be working, I just might have to work the word "nipple" into all my posts until you come back.

  3. This is by far my all time, never to be topped I don't think, post ever simply because you had me at "nipple cream"