Thursday, September 9, 2010

Another Apron Knot Dress

The Labor Day sweat shop pumped out all kinds of sewing projects.  I usually think of sewing as sort of a solitary hobby but boy it was so much more fun to do it together!

I managed to finish several flower pins and two apron knot dresses.
The 4T dress is being modeled here by the Bug who is cheesing it up for the promise of a sucker. (I have no idea what she is doing with her hands)
Operation sugar bribery wasn't enough though and pretty quickly things got silly.
I knew my chance of getting a real picture had passed.
And then she was gone.
Sigh. . .

But despite the flighty model, the dress turned out really cute.
This was another one using the Little Lizard King pattern I've mentioned previously. The full skirt is super for twirling and dancing which made it a big hit with the Bug. I know one little girl who is hoping this dress doesn't sell next week.

The yellow sunflower pin is an add on. It's one of the pins that will also be for sale at the Apple Festival. But it looked so cute with this dress and was the perfect little addition.


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