Friday, September 17, 2010

The Apple Festival Has Arrived!

It's here! It's here!

The Apple Festival officially kicked off last night but because of high winds and driving rain we delayed setting up the booth until this morning.
Here she is in all her glory.
Those two purses nearly killed me. First I cut my pattern wrong and didn't discover it until they were half made. Then I sliced my thumb with my rotary cutter. Then I snipped my finger with my shears. And I can't even count the number of pin pricks to my poor fingers.

In the immortal words of Tim Gunn I was able to "make it work" despite all my setbacks and I actually like the shape of the purse better than the original pattern.
This ingenious display idea came to me last night. 
I have a million of them, why not use them?

Thanks Jess for the idea to put the flower pins on sticks in a vase--genius. And adorable.

I am not at all biased when I say, our little corner is the cutest booth out there. We may not have the quantity of items that others do but we have nailed it with the super display and the quality of each handmade piece.

402 ROCKS the Apple Festival
(that was for you Michelle)

An aside: I am totally disgusted with the mass produced crap people are passing off as "craft". Bull. Why does anyone buy that junk? Go to Marshals and pay a quarter of the price for the exact same piece. I think I could count on one hand the number of booths with quality, handmade items.
Buy Handmade people! Support the artists and craftspeople of the world and not some third world sweat shop!
. . .Stepping down from soap box. . .
So visit us at the Apple Festival.
And while you're at it, buy some of these pretty things from my friend Dawn who so graciously allowed us to set up shop on her turf AND volunteered to run the whole booth all weekend.

Dawn, thank you.
Seriously. I never would have done this without your encouragement and it's been so fun. You're the best.

Now I just have to attempt to not spend ALL of my earning on your jewelry.  I have $40 worth of fabric sitting in an imaginary on-line cart and my trigger finger is twitching. . .


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  1. I think that would be a clicking finger rather than a trigger finger. Your booth looks nice. I hope you sell out, but not before we can get there to see it. =D