Monday, September 20, 2010

The Apple Festival Has Departed!

The Apple Festival has come and gone.  I may or may not be suffering Bayou Billy Cream Soda withdrawal - pure sugar in a tin mug - who can resist? (Note: I just visited the Bayou Billy website for the first time - I would not suggest opening the Mobile Restaurant Menu site - unless you love fake cheese - YIKES! Also of note he has a snow cream cart? Yes please!)

Anyway, I would consider the weekend a success.  I was able to complete the 5k without dying (if I seem  a bit dramatic, you haven't seen me run.)  I learned that my husband is the best encourager a runner can have - he kept me going and I was able to run (never stopped to walk) the entire race - and while my time was not fast by normal standards, it was a personal best, and something I am very proud of.  Plus we had a pretty good cheering section waiting for us at the finish, thanks to the homemade sign from the Bug (my sister and parents may have helped too)!

And while my sister and I may have been a bit ambitious in thinking our booth would sell out on the first day of the festival (which ended up getting rained out.)  We were able to sell a few items (my sister was scrambling to make more flower barrettes to meet the demand) - but more importantly, we were able get our store name out there for a few custom orders (it really is impossible hard to have something in every size and color available on hand.)

The good news is - those of you not able to make it to our booth will have a chance to purchase the items that didn't sell, as they will be going on our etsy site shortly. 
Including this clothespin apron:
I have always enjoyed the style of the clothespin aprons - I remember my mom had one when I was little - though I am not sure if she ever actually wore it - or just used it to store her clothespins.

Anyway, this is my first attempt making a clothespin apron.  I saw the usage of the style, with the deep pocket also being useful when you go out to the garden to harvest your peas, tomatoes, or other fresh produce. (I maybe in the wrong season, is it almost fall?)
I used Robert Kaufman Garden Vegetables and Peas in the Spring color pallet.  I LOVE the brightness of the fabric the colors are so bright and bold (Robert Kaufman does little wrong in my book.)  I felt the fabric itself demanded some bold finishes - fortunately I had this bias tape in the most wonderful shade of blue - from old fabric notions found in my grandmother's stash.  The color couldn't have been more perfect - and I had it on hand - I love when that happens (and in my case it rarely happens.)  I then finished it off with some Kona solid orange fabric at the waist (some leftover from this custom ordered apron.)  The pop of orange really sets this apron off , in my opinion.  If our townhouse had more yard (i.e. space for a garden), I would be very tempted to keep this bright little number for myself.  Isn't that the problem with sewing something you like so much yourself?

Thank you to everyone who stopped by our booth this weekend - and those that picked up some of our handmade creation!  And an ESPECIALLY BIG thanks to Lindsay's good friend Dawn for giving us this opportunity!  It really was a lot of fun increasing our inventory and preparing for and designing our display! (Most of which was done by my sister - but since we are a team I will take the credit too, right?)



  1. You must have been at the same Apple Festival as I ! I know what you mean about Billy's cream soda...yum. Been refilling that mug of mine for years....
    Nie website. I can't seem to find time to get one up and running...sewing takes precedence