Thursday, September 16, 2010

The Chicken or the Egg?

My sister was kind enough to photograph my sweat shop creations so I could blog about them.  She is also in charge of setting up our display for the Apple Festival over her lunch break today.  Many thanks to her for taking care of all of the set up. 
In total I will have 4 aprons for sale, including the apron blogged about below and this previously blogged about, but never sold apron.  The total number is less than I had hoped to complete - but as it turns out September has been my busiest month to date. 
Last weekend we were in Wisconsin for my husbands debut as a Wolfman.  The crazy guy - who can complete something so ridiculous without training, has convinced me to run a 5k with him this weekend.  I have tried to split my free time between sewing and training - but the truth is other stuff piles up too.  It may be time to retire and become a stay at home wife (w/o kids.)
Maybe I should wait and see if the aprons sell first before I quit my day job?
Well one apron I am sure to sell is the one below...why am I so confident? Because my mom has offered to buy it if no one else does.  And if someone else does - she has a custom order placed on it's duplicate - as I have enough material to make another one. SHAMELESS PLUG ALERT!!! (So don't be shy in buying it if you are interested - or if it has already sold by the time you make it to our booth, don't forget we do accept custom orders!!)
I am actually really happy with how it turned out, and if my husband's compliments are to be believed (and I think they are, since they don't come unsolicited often) - this is a good one. Though I should also mention that he thought the fabric was of chickens playing golf - until I explained that the "golf clubs" were actually the birds' legs.  Silly Wolfman!
Since this apron was a product of Labor Day weekend, I was able to bounce various combinations off my sister for her feedback.  She has an eye for theses things!  I am very happy with the dots with stripe look at the top.  It is a very wimsy/folky/fun apron - perfect for the chicken or the egg lover in your life!
make it wear it
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  1. That is very nice. If Mom doesn't buy it, I'll buy it for her (if you don't sell it otherwise). =D