Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Daisies and Bows

I was asked to make a little dress for a baby due this fall.
She'll be joining a big sister and big brother, so I made some small coordinating gifts for them too.
First, for baby girl, an Itty Bitty Baby dress. Are we sick of these yet? Because I'm not.
And a simple little headband with a navy bow barrette stuck on there. It's removable so Mom can choose to have baby girl just wear the plain white headband or she can interchange any number of barrettes they already have to jazz it up a bit.
Or she could use one of these two flower barrettes that I made for big sister (assuming big sister is in more of a pony tail mood than piggy tail)
I used this tutorial again. I am loving how gorgeous and full these look. The Bug needs some.
And finally, a bow tie for brother. I have to admit, sewing for a boy had me stumped. But I think this little tie is going to be super cute.
Thank you Prudent Baby for the idea and the great tutorial!

Look out friends with boys! I now have a standard "boy" gift! Hope you all like bow ties. 

All of the fabric was from my stash and I don't think I paid a dime for any of it. How cool is that? The daisy print is truly vintage. I think it's my favorite piece of the boxes and boxes of fabric I got from my grandma. I still have a bit left so you haven't seen the last of it!


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  1. Very cute. Samuel and Gracie will love their little gifts. =D

  2. LOVE this one! Love the daisies and the navy bow! Love the flower barrets!! and LOVE the Boe Tie! LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE!