Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Pleated Denim Skirt

One problem.
I don't have a baby.

And it seems like the easiest way to rectify that is to up-size the tutorial to fit my big girl.
I went simple with this one, no fancy dancy hem like the first one.  Seems like I'm always spiffing things up, but a girl needs some neutral foundational pieces in her wardrobe too, right?  What else would you wear your stripey tights with?
To make a bigger version of the skirt I just measured the Bug's waist, divided that number in half and added an inch for seam allowances then cut my tee shirt waistband to that width.  In hindsight, I could have made it a bit smaller to account for the stretch of the knit. But it works and gives her room to grow--which she insists on continuing to do. Humph!
I made the waist band piece extra tall so it could be folded over yoga style. You can kind of see that here.
I sort of just winged it on the width of the denim skirt piece.  
Eyeball it. 
My favorite method. 
Which is why I am no good at ever replicating anything--in the sewing room OR in the kitchen.

The skirt length was easy, I had an unusually cooperative Bug on my hands that day and was able to measure just where I wanted the skirt to hit.  I added about an inch and a half to allow for a narrow hem and the top seam allowance and I was well on my way.
I foresee this becoming a Fall wardrobe staple.
Just look how cute it is with a pair of leggings! And don't get me started on the striped tights up above. And the possibility of leg warmers? Oh my. . . I can't hardly stand the cuteness!


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