Wednesday, September 8, 2010

The Sweat Shop

This Labor Day weekend certainly lived up to its name!  This weekend the sisters of 402 worked our fingers to the bones at our sewing machines!
As has been the tradition for a few years now, our family has rented a cabin that is large enough to accommodate all of us (and then some) during the long holiday weekend.  My sister had decided that I wasn't being motivated enough on my own - so she agreed to sell some of our home-made goods at one of her friend's booths at the Apple Festival (shameless plug - come by if you are in the area and need some adorable dresses for your little girl or an handy and attractive apron for yourself (or as a gift).)  Anyway, back to the tale at hand - with only a couple more weeks to build up our inventory - my sister didn't think we could afford the luxury to just sit around and relax all weekend - so we both brought our workshops to the cabin.
The cabin has a finished basement with a pub height table and open floors.  The area proved the perfect spot for my sister's sweat shop.  I of course am kidding about my sister being so bossy (call for help.)
In all seriousness - I found the "labor" of sewing relaxing and the addition quality time with my sister enjoyable (even when the Bug was watching Wonder Pets - seriously Ming Ming needs an attitude adjustment!)

Now we didn't spend the WHOLE weekend sewing - you can tell by this picture I may have been exaggerating when I said we worked our fingers to the bone (though this picture was taken towards the beginning of the weekend.)  We took occasional breaks to spend time with the rest of the family, but it was nice to have the space and time to start and finish a project.  I was able to complete two and a half aprons - including two new patterns - which I will blog more about later.  I even made a sale - my mom has commissioned an apron as a special gift for her boss.  So at the end of the weekend - I am glad my sister suggested we bring our machines and set up sweat shop.  Apple Festival or not - we may have to add family sewing time as part of our Labor Day tradition!
Hope your Labor Day weekend was just as relaxing!


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  1. You made me chuckle.
    Now get back to that sewing machine and crank out a few more aprons! (whip cracking)