Thursday, October 7, 2010

Circle Skirt and The Outtakes

 Need a quick project?
Dana was right, this is the simplest skirt on earth.
I used her tutorial to draft up my basic pattern but took a little liberty with the waistband.  I don't have any wide elastic but I do have lots of tee shirts that need recycled. It's the hazard of being married to a youth pastor. Youth groups make tee shirts for everything.

I digress.

In lieu of a wide elastic waist I opted for the almost as easy fold over yoga style waist. I love this because although this skirt was made to fit 2T measurements I think it would fit well into the 4T range and possibly beyond.
The Bug loved modeling this one so much that I had to promise to make her one of her own. And I did. In the hour she was at Wednesday night church. An hour. Start to finish. 

That's what I'm talking about.

And just in case you were wondering why I cropped my lovely daughter's head out of the above photos, I leave you with the following series of photo session outtakes (i.e. pretty much every single shot).  
Here I said, "Pose for me! Look pretty!"
And she mimics a bird? Really? 
I guess birds are pretty, but this pose? Not so much.
Then, "Smile! Say cheese!"
Mmm hmm. . . 
Then she's mad. I've somehow offended her by asking her to stand by the flowers.
Oh wait, FINALLY a genuine smile! 
Directly into total cheese fest. 
And she's gone. 
And her shirt itches. 
O.k., this one holds promise there might be a real smile coming. . . wait for it. . .
Nope. False alarm. 
I'm done.
I will never win an award for best blog photography if this goober is all I have to work with.

And so, I chop off her head.
No offense sweet girl, it had to be done.



  1. I don't understand your comments. I didn't see a single picture that I didn't absolutely adore. =D

  2. Love the circle skirt... I just finished one for piper jane as well! :)
    And love it that you added the jean skirt to the kojo flickr pool (though, I can't seem to find it currently). When we get a few other things in there, we'll have to do a feature on the blog! Thanks for starting things off. :)
    kirstin @ kojo

  3. The out takes are the best. I wish I had a little girl to sew for. My 2 girls grew up. Enjoy these times. I guess I need to wait for grandchildren.