Tuesday, October 12, 2010

A Circle Skirt for Fall

Since the Bug fell in love with the twirly purple skirt that we had to send away, I made her one of her own.
This sweet little print is a Kokka print on a super soft fine wale corduroy that I found on clearance at The Needle Shop about a year ago. Oh to have had the gut of steal and just bought the entire remnant. Instead, I purchased three yards--which seemed extravagant since I had no plan for it and even on clearance it was more per yard than I typically pay.

But I loved it.
Plain and simple.
Isn't it silly how some fabrics do that to you? Or am I the only one?

At any rate,  I have been hoarding it for just the right project ever since.  I'm not sure this was "it".  I still have a sweet little coat in mind but this skirt was a good way to ease me into the idea of actually using this fabric and not just letting it collect dust.

And the Bug loves it which is good enough for me. I am reveling in these days when she swells up with pride to say, "My mommy made it!".  I know soon enough eyes will roll at the suggestion of wearing something made by mom. 

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