Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving!

We are in the thick of Holiday sewing around here.
So many gifts to make and special orders to fill!
Not much blog-worthy or at least able to be blogged about at this time. Christmas secrets and all.
But the Bug and I took a break from all that this past weekend to do a fun little project I found on A Lemon Squeezy Home last week.  
It involved paint. 
On the hands. 
I was concerned, but hopeful. 
Last Christmas the Bug was not so keen on having squishy paint on her pretty little princess hands.

Thank God for preschool arts and crafts.
This year she was all for it.

Several hand prints later we had ourselves something that began to resemble turkey feathers.
Fun, but a little crazy. The Bug had her own ideas about hand placement so you'll note some stray fingers and overlap here and there. But she had fun and ultimately that was what we were going for--not a perfectly coiffed bird.
Once the paint dried she "helped" me sew on the legs and the body. Girlfriend is obsessed with the sewing machine foot pedal and making it go as fast as she can. Fortunately she hasn't yet realized I can adjust the max speed with the flick of a switch. Ha ha! I am still smarter than a three year old!

She was super proud of her turkey shirt and made sure to tell Daddy, "I sewed it myself!". 

But lest I get overly excited about her interest in our little project and just to keep me humble she refused to wear the shirt to school on Monday. I don't know if we can sweet talk her into it on Thursday or not.

Sigh. . .

Someday Bug a Boo, you'll have a little girl just like you. . .


Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Ruffle Dress Pattern Test

I couldn't wait to leak a few photos.
A while back I was selected to help test this ruffle dress from Little Lizard King.
I was SUPER excited.
I found this simple navy cotton in my stash. It has a nice nubby texture to it. It spoke to me.
"Ruffle Me!" it said.

And nothing is more classic and beautiful than navy and white.
So I did a bit of the top stitching in white. And I got really crazy and used that fancy schmancy decorative stitch around the bottom of each ruffle.

I love it.

It was insane time consuming. But totally worth it.
It's going in the mail today.
Fingers crossed, I hope it fits!
If not, I'll be scrambling over Thanksgiving break to make the necessary alterations.

LLK, Thank you so much for the chance to test this PDF Pattern out. Once little girl gets to try it on I'll be sending in my feedback!

Monday, November 8, 2010


I have been suffering post-Cinderella costume sewing melt down.

AND. . .

I refuse to believe Christmas is right around the corner.
I have PLENTY of time.

So, call me crazy, but this project was just what I needed to get me out of my procrastination mode.
(And yes, that is SNOW! Seriously?? Ugh!)

The Bug tore a hole in the knee of these hand me down 3T jeans. Nevermind that homegirl is well on her way out of 3T's and into 4T's, I decided that the jeans begged to be patched.

And not just patched. But patched, appliquéd and embroidered.

There is something about all that hand work that reminds me of everything I love about sewing.  

To patch the hole, I cut a rectangle of denim from another old pair of jeans and ironed it on the holey jeans with Wonder Under. Then, I cut out several hearts free hand from some of my favorite scraps and Wonder Under-ed them in place as well.  Then I sat down in front of the tv with a needle and embroidery floss and went to town stitching around each little appliquéd piece.  I finished off the back with a piece of iron on interfacing just to cover all of the threads and stitching and such.

Super cute.
And super worth the time it took.  Now the Bug has a completely unique and super cool "new" pair of jeans.
And so long as she wears them skinny jean style, tucked into her froggie boots, no one will ever notice they are a good half inch too short.

Perhaps I could add a ruffle to the hem??


The Girl Creative

Monday, November 1, 2010

Princess Overload

The Bug's fourth and final opportunity to wear her Cinderella dress proved to be too much. She couldn't be bothered with tights and pettiskirts and glass slippers.

She wanted to be a "cooker". So she put on her adorable chef's hat and apron and off we went to the fall carnival at her school.  

The hat and apron were made lovingly by Aunt Michelle and were a Christmas gift last year. In true fashion, the Bug refused to wear them. For a good six months. But all of a sudden they have gained the favor they deserved from the beginning.  She is an adorable "cooker" is she not? Even eating the delicacies of hot dogs and string cheese. . .

I must say - when Lindsay told me the above story - my heart was warmed! I knew that the initial hat and apron rejection at Christmas time was nothing personal but merely a whim of a(n adorable) 3 year old. But to hear that her whim has finally come around to this "costume" really made my day.  Mind you I have seen pictures of the Bug's play dates enjoying the wears, but all I really wanted was a picture of that sweet little face under an over sized "cooker" hat. I must say this is more than I could have expected - I mean that Cinderella costume was out of this world in my book (and in all the kind people's books who I would show the picture to, and say "Isn't see the most beautiful Cinderella you have ever seen?")
Does this picture look like a muffin to you?
I was making aprons for everyone last Christmas - you may not have known because I never blogged about any of them (mostly because I never got pictures of the people wearing them - and no one wants to read a blog without pictures - at least not one about a sewing project.)  Anyway - not to leave the Bug out (and knowing that Santa had brought her a play kitchen) I thought I would make an apron for her as well.  When looking for a child's apron pattern I came across this: YouCanMakeThis.com pattern.  The chef hat was impossible to refuse! The pattern was super easy to follow and to execute.  The only change I made was to add stiff interfacing to the brim (is it called a brim on a chefs hat?) Anyway, that allowed to hat to set up like I wanted. Do you recognize this hat from anywhere?
The apron I free styled - completely - no pattern, no sizing. That was a big reason I wanted the Bug to try it on - I had NO idea how it was going to fit. Now that I can see pictures of it on - I think it fits pretty well - remarkably.
Isn't the fabric darling? I saw the Alexander Henry - Lorenza collection in peach/guava I knew I needed to make something for the Bug out of it - so glad she is finally wearing it.