Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving!

We are in the thick of Holiday sewing around here.
So many gifts to make and special orders to fill!
Not much blog-worthy or at least able to be blogged about at this time. Christmas secrets and all.
But the Bug and I took a break from all that this past weekend to do a fun little project I found on A Lemon Squeezy Home last week.  
It involved paint. 
On the hands. 
I was concerned, but hopeful. 
Last Christmas the Bug was not so keen on having squishy paint on her pretty little princess hands.

Thank God for preschool arts and crafts.
This year she was all for it.

Several hand prints later we had ourselves something that began to resemble turkey feathers.
Fun, but a little crazy. The Bug had her own ideas about hand placement so you'll note some stray fingers and overlap here and there. But she had fun and ultimately that was what we were going for--not a perfectly coiffed bird.
Once the paint dried she "helped" me sew on the legs and the body. Girlfriend is obsessed with the sewing machine foot pedal and making it go as fast as she can. Fortunately she hasn't yet realized I can adjust the max speed with the flick of a switch. Ha ha! I am still smarter than a three year old!

She was super proud of her turkey shirt and made sure to tell Daddy, "I sewed it myself!". 

But lest I get overly excited about her interest in our little project and just to keep me humble she refused to wear the shirt to school on Monday. I don't know if we can sweet talk her into it on Thursday or not.

Sigh. . .

Someday Bug a Boo, you'll have a little girl just like you. . .


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