Monday, November 8, 2010


I have been suffering post-Cinderella costume sewing melt down.

AND. . .

I refuse to believe Christmas is right around the corner.
I have PLENTY of time.

So, call me crazy, but this project was just what I needed to get me out of my procrastination mode.
(And yes, that is SNOW! Seriously?? Ugh!)

The Bug tore a hole in the knee of these hand me down 3T jeans. Nevermind that homegirl is well on her way out of 3T's and into 4T's, I decided that the jeans begged to be patched.

And not just patched. But patched, appliquéd and embroidered.

There is something about all that hand work that reminds me of everything I love about sewing.  

To patch the hole, I cut a rectangle of denim from another old pair of jeans and ironed it on the holey jeans with Wonder Under. Then, I cut out several hearts free hand from some of my favorite scraps and Wonder Under-ed them in place as well.  Then I sat down in front of the tv with a needle and embroidery floss and went to town stitching around each little appliquéd piece.  I finished off the back with a piece of iron on interfacing just to cover all of the threads and stitching and such.

Super cute.
And super worth the time it took.  Now the Bug has a completely unique and super cool "new" pair of jeans.
And so long as she wears them skinny jean style, tucked into her froggie boots, no one will ever notice they are a good half inch too short.

Perhaps I could add a ruffle to the hem??


The Girl Creative

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