Thursday, December 9, 2010

Gifts for teachers

The Bug has two teenaged ballet teachers who have done an awesome job with her Princess Ballet class the last couple of months. So what to do to express our thanks?

So supercute. And what teenaged girl couldn't use another bag?
We slipped a little suprise inside too in the form of chocolate and Target giftcards.

These were fun and quick to make. I think I'd like one for myself.

It's always the easy projects that cause trouble though.

When cutting out the pieces I sliced my left index finger with my rotary cutter. The next night, as I was sewing, some how I sewed right through my finger tip. Geesh! As if that weren't enough, I then accidentally jabbed with a straight pin the very tender skin that was cut by the rotary cutter.

I should not be trusted with sharp objects.


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  1. These are AMAZING! I love the poka dots!!! You put me to shame!