Monday, December 6, 2010

A Squirrelly Lunch Bag

Masculine gifts are not something I do a lot of. It seems for whatever reason, the things I enjoy sewing are somewhat "girly".  

So when a friend asked for a lunch bag for her dad this Christmas, I was a little baffled. But never one to turn down a sewing challenge, I accepted.
Simple linen. Crisp, clean. . . has the rugged look of a brown paper bag.
Check out that awesome leather button.
LOVE grandma's button jar. It has not failed me yet.
It is, of course, reversible. 
The other side is made from a men's dress shirt.
And again, rugged stone button from the button jar. I may never need to buy buttons again.
I carefully ripped the pocket off of the front of the shirt and sewed it on to the bag. Should be just right for holding a napkin or some silverware.
The best part though is back on the linen side.
I finally jumped on the freezer paper stencil train.
Love it.

I hope he does too.


1 comment:

  1. Perfection! You are so clever! He will love it. I hope it will make him smile every day & think of me (or us).

    :) Thank you!