Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Been sewing up a storm!

Thanks so much for allowing us some space to grieve the passing of our grandmother. She was such an important part of our lives and we were so blessed to have her with us for as long as we did.

Poor Michelle is in the thick of tax season. She got the first couple of weekends off for grandma's death and memorial but now she's back at it, six day weeks and crazy hours. But be assured, she is my silent partner. While she may not be sewing she is listening to my sewing project jibber jabber and giving me feed back on all manner of things.

And while the first few days after grandma's passing I found it difficult to even glance at my sewing room it didn't take long for me to find solace once again in the hum of my machine and the piecing together of fabrics. I have so many things to show you!

So soon and very soon I promise you some picture laden posts. I need to get organized and back into a rhythm. Thanks for hanging in there with us.



  1. =D
    I don't have worms in my mouth, but I am waiting with baited breath (what does that really mean anyway?).

  2. =D
    Just look it up, Dad. Okay... It's actually bated breath, not baited breath.

  3. oooh! oooh!!! can't wait to see what you've got!