Thursday, January 27, 2011

Little Lizard King Pattern Tests

One of the things that has forced me back into the sewing room has been these few patterns tests that I committed to do for Little Lizard King. I'm so thankful I had them to sort of give me a little push. Sewing is such great therapy.

The first one was for this sweet little ruffle skirt. . .
Isn't it darling?
It's just the perfect little number for this newly mobile little lady.
How darling is she?
I knew if I showed you that photo first you wouldn't even be looking at the skirt.

I found this pattern pretty simple to sew. The most time consuming part was those ruffles. But they are so darn cute I don't mind the extra time placing them and sewing them down just right.

The latest pattern test was for knickers.
If you don't know what knickers are, don't Google Image search it.
You've been warned.
Knickers (the non-undergarment kind) are short pants that draw in right below the knee, sometimes with a cuff, but in this case with a little elastic and a ruffle.

This pattern was so easy and simple, it didn't take me long at all to sew these up.
I'm trying to withhold judgement until I see them on Baby Girl. Something about the bright primary red and yellow combined with the bagginess is currently screaming "clown" to me.
Poor fabric choice perhaps.
We'll see once my little model gets them on and struts her stuff. I may well change my tune.

I also tested the size 5 of this pattern. Though I have to be honest, after seeing these all put together in the 9 month size, I wasn't quite sure how they would work for an older kid. I can't imagine the Bug in them and I wasn't being inspired by any of my fabric options on hand.
Then I remembered this super soft grey wool from Grandma's stash. 
And inspiration struck.
I left the elastic off of the cuff (though keeping the same measurements as I would have for the elastic casing so as not to veer too much from the pattern) and they became lovely walking shorts. 
Then I added a couple of faux cargo pockets (thanks for the suggestion Jessica!) and I think these are just darling.

Only problem is, they are too big for the Bug. So I need to find a true size 5T model to test them out for me. The Bug is more of a 4T pants girl right now though I've been sewing skirts, dresses and shirts for her in 5T so she can wear them longer.

Neither of these patterns are in the Little Lizard King shop just yet but I'm sure they soon will be. But, I will strongly recommend any of her other patterns. I haven't made them all, of course, but the ones I have used have been very well put together with great step by step photos and well thought out instructions. Most are simple enough for the less experienced sewer. Yet the more experienced sewer won't be bored because they are great basic patterns to build on. I'm already imagining those knickers with a flat waistband and pleats on the front and a cute little button cuff at the knee.
Oooh and slash pockets.
And appliqu├ęd.

Thanks LLK for the opportunity to sew up a couple more of your creations and for providing me with the gentle push back into the sewing room that I needed.

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  1. You are so sweet!!! I can't wait to hear about the specifics....
    Love the soft grey.