Thursday, January 6, 2011

More Teacher Gifts

It's always hard to figure out what gift to give the teachers in the Bug's life. Being the daughter of a teacher, I know how the apple nick nacks and the hand lotions can get to be a little much so I like to give unique, handmade gifts when I can.

This year, the Bug's daycare teachers got reversible lunch bags filled with painted Nativity cookies. I tried to think of each lovely lady as I chose the fabrics and buttons from my stash.
This one was for the daycare director. She's had kind of a rough year personally and I wanted something bright, cheery and girly. I love that Jennifer Pagenelli paisley print. Why oh why did I not buy more of it?
This one in bright primaries was for the assistant director. I love the bandanna kind of feel to both prints. The top one is from the Make Life line from Sweetwater--a scrap left over from this quilt--and the bottom one is a rockin' vintage print from grandma's stash.
This one was for one of the Bug's 3 year old class teachers. She collects owls so I sketched out this little fella and did a freezer paper stencil on some neutral linen I had on hand. Very similar to the squirrel bag. Same fabric, same paint, different woodland creature.  I lined it with this vintage woodsy looking print.
I love all four bags but this one is my favorite I think. And it has everything to do with the buttons. The red with white daisy up against that teal and green? LOVE. That plaid is from Urban Chicks, 1974. Have I mentioned how I love those Urban Chicks? I don't think they've done a single line I'm not in love with.

The lining fabric is another favorite (that I should have bought more of), it's Heather Bailey Pop Garden Peonies. I love the bright colors and bold graphic design.

All in all it was a fun project that made great use of some of my yardage and had me digging through all my vintage buttons for just the right one.  


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