Friday, January 7, 2011

A Pair of School Bags for some special young ladies

Back in October I got a request from a mom at church for a couple of school bags for her girls this Christmas.
I sent her to an on-line fabric store to give me an idea of what fabrics she thought her girls would like and we went from there.
For the Junior Higher we have this messenger bag with these cute little birdies. I had the best time picking out coordinating fabrics. Miss B is in our youth group and it was so fun to make a bag that I thought reflected her spunky personality. If anyone can pull off this bag, it's her.
The bag pattern is my own.  Though it's probably a stretch to call it a "pattern" since I created no pieces nor wrote anything down. Will I ever learn?

I made it nice and big, with plenty of pockets to hold all the books and papers she needs to tote home every night. It also had a nice thick interfacing to add a bit of strength to the fabric since I'm guessing a bag this size could get pretty heavy.
The floral lining fabric was my personal favorite. Those colors are just so crazy but so cool.
Miss B. I hope it serves you well. It was a pleasure to create with you in mind.
Second school bag on tap was a backpack for Miss B's little sister Miss D.
The primary request was PINK! so I did my best to comply.
They picked out the peace sign flower fabric and I thought it would be so easy to pair up with other fabric in my stash but for some reason, nothing I had on hand was doing it for me.
Then I came across this floral dot in hot pink at JoAnns and I knew it was perfect.
This pattern is the Let's Go Backpack like I made for the Bug earlier in the year. I found it went together much better this time. Amazing what a difference not being rushed (or sleep deprived) makes in my understanding and ability to follow directions.

Anyway, Miss D's a fun girl so I decided no ordinary topstitching would do. I really like the wavy blue line. Subtle but fun. And it works with the print so nicely.
Inside Miss D. got loaded up with pockets--even one with a zipper. Yeah, I was feeling adventurous and voluntarily sewed a zipper that was not required or even suggested by the pattern.

She caught me in church the Sunday after Christmas to tell me how much she likes her new pink back pack.
So cute. So sweet.
I'm glad you love it Miss D.

It was such a fun challenge to start with a requested fabric and work in others to accent and compliment. It really stretched me since neither of the two fabrics they chose would have been something I would typically gravitate towards buying. But I loved it. And I love the finished products.
Thanks Momma M for commissioning this project! It was a real joy.


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