Thursday, February 3, 2011

Birthday Party Dress

The night before Grandma's memorial service the hubby was out playing cards with friends, the Bug went to bed and I was alone with my thoughts.
So I turned to the sewing room and found this tutorial printed out and laying on the table.

And I had found my muse.

(Please excuse the snow flying in these photos. You take what you can get in these parts. The sun was out so I ignored the flurries)
I knew i wanted to make this dress for the Bug for Easter and maybe even her Birthday so I grabbed two inexpensive pieces of yardage from my stash and gave the pattern a test run.

And so I sewed. Until the wee hours.
I'm not sure why the urgency but I really wanted to see it finished that night.

It came together beautifully.
I don't know if it fits. The Bug tells me she will wear it some day. That remains to be seen.
It's not the most little girl friendly color scheme. I was sort of surprised she liked it.

Although that super full skirt does show promise of some serious twirl.
My only slight hitch was with the sash. Somehow I cut way too much fabric for this. I cut it down a bit but it's still too long. It's not too problematic, just something I'll correct the next time.
My favorite thing about this dress is the little touches that make it feel more polished than a lot of the free tutorials out there. The bodice is fully lined. I love how clean that looks. And there is a row of these large covered buttons down the back that are just charming. I love covered buttons.

Maybe someday we'll get to see it's loveliness modeled.
For now, I guess I'm just glad I made a 5T. The Bug should have some time before she grows out of it.


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