Friday, February 25, 2011

Crafting Hope

A spark of an idea ignited when I read this post on the Little Lizard King blog.
And when I flipped through this book, a plan formed.
Last night seven of us met with pillowcases in hand.
We had varying levels of sewing expertise but a like-minded goal: to make dresses for little girls in Africa.

If you aren't familiar with the group Little Dresses for Africa, check them out. Their goal is to distribute these simple hand made dresses to little girls in Africa to help them feel WORTHY.
I love that.

So we all lugged our sewing machines down to the library and set up shop.
We cut.
We sewed.
And in the end, we had some beautiful dresses.
Beautiful because of the love that was sewn into them.

Thank you ladies.
Thank you for facing your fears Shannan.
Thank you for being willing to hone your skills Brooke.
Thank you for dusting off your home ec skills Kim (like riding a bike, yes?).
Thank you for stepping out of the box Maggie.
Thank you for your enthusiasm Heather.
And Jess, thanks for your help and encouragement along the way.

You all truly blessed my heart with your willingness to give a bit of yourselves and your time.
And I can't help thinking how blessed seven little girls we may never meet this side of Heaven will be when they receive these lovely frocks.

God, bless the hands of your servants.
Bless the fruit of their labors.
Bless the recipients of their generosity.
And thank You for the opportunity to give, even a small piece, of ourselves. 
We who have been so blessed.



  1. Thank YOU, Lindsay, for saying YES to the call - obedience isn't always easy or convenient - but always powerful! It was simply way too fun to be considered work - loved every minute :)

  2. I had such a great time Lindsay! Thanks for doing this :) And thanks for helping me, so very patiently. And I prayed last night that even though my dress is not perfect, that it would be perfect for a sweet little girl!

  3. This is a great charity and I'm proud to know you are now a part of it!

  4. Thank you so much for sharing!!! You guys are wonderful.