Monday, February 28, 2011

Sewing Clothes Kids Love

I bought myself the book "Sewing Clothes Kids Love" after checking it out at the library. I love that our library has a decent selection of some of the newest sewing and crafting books. Most of the time, it saves me a lot of money because I can check out the couple of ideas I like and not have to shell out the cash for the whole book. But once in a while, there is a book that I know I need in my own collection because I can see myself using it again and again. Plus, this book has patterns in it and I always am a little afraid to pull the patterns out of the envelope lest they not go back in as nicely.

It has already paid for itself.
There are ten patterns in this book. To date, I've only used two of them.
Don't let the over the top styling and embellishments turn you off. These patterns are simple and basic. They lend themselves nicely to improvisations and you can embellish them as simply or as over the top as you wish.

Take the IMKE shirt for instance.
It's the first pattern in the book. It is a simple tee shirt that can be made for a boy or a girl, short sleeved or long sleeved, hood or no hood. It can be made from knit off the bolt or thrifted tee shirts.
This was my first attempt at the IMKE.
Have I mentioned that the Bug is in an exclusive dress wearing phase?
Yeah. She is. Shirts and pants are useless in this house. At least those of the 4T variety.
So I added a few inches to the hem of the shirt and Presto chango, the IMKE shirt becomes the IMKE dress.

The hearts I appliqued on to add some interest. I am not in love with this dress but the Bug adores it.
Did I mention it has a hood?
The little heart applique has a coordinating heart on the inside of the hood as well. That was the hubsters addition. He wanted me to tell you.
It also has a cute loopdy loop topstich along the edge of the hood.

A good first attempt.
It was easy enough that I knew I needed to try again.
It's a shirt.
Yeah, it was doomed from the start.
I couldn't even convince her that cowboy on the front was from Toy Story.

I believe her exact words were, "MOM, you KNOW I like pink and purple"
But I love this shirt. The yellow knit is from one of her Daddy's old tee shirts. The stripe was from a tee shirt that never fit and the tie dye is from a shirt I made with our youth group girls like ten years ago.
What can I say, I'm sentimental.

This time I added the accent panels in the side. I really like the interest it adds.
And of course, we have another lined hood.

I hope someday she will wear it.
She tells me she might.
When she is four.

Forgive the horrible picture. There is no excuse.

I took a short break from the IMKE to make Riviera leggings. The cuff was my idea.
Again, the Bug won't wear these.
They don't spin like a skirt after all.

I really should know better.

The most recent incarnation of the IMKE was inspired by a shirt we found at Target.
Didn't line the hood this time but I think I will in the future.
When I was digging through my stash of knits looking for an accent fabric I happened upon the gray and blue stripe. The Bug immediately said, "Ooooh YEAH! Yeah, yeah, yeah. . . Oh yeah!"

I think we have a winner.
You might remember this fabric from a dress I made her about a year and a half ago. It remains one of her favorites. I must have made it big.
And here is the shirt that made the Bug temporarily forget her pink and purple allegiance.
Third time's the charm.


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  1. The link to the Bug a year ago nearly did me in! Please stop her from growing! :) At least during tax season!