Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Sewing Room Organization

I really, really like to see the studios and nooks where people create. I suppose I'm a bit voyeuristic in that way. But I like to see how other people set things up and get ideas that might work for me.

So when I found a bunch of bins at WalMart on President's Day and decided to reorganize all my junk I knew a post about the new and improved sewing room was in order.  However, I have no "Before" pictures. Suffice it to say, it would have been humiliating. Fabric everywhere. Total chaos and clutter. You might, even, have questioned the existence of my floor.
First, my "new" curtains. I opted to just use the valance and therefore let in optimal amounts of light.
And bonus, I now have four panels that I can sew with!
Here are a few of the things I bought. The three drawer bin holds my scrap fabric which I actually sorted and folded nicely several weeks ago. The bottom drawer is interfacings. Boring stuff that it's nice to have tucked away.  

On the right, you see an open bin/laundry basket that I'm using to store my batting and fiber fill. That stuff gets out of control fast and my old "toss it in a cardboard box" method just wasn't working well for anyone.

The three bins on top hold works in progress.
They look so much nicer there than they did strewn about my table and draped over the curtain rod.
This bin holds all my patterns and tutorials that I've printed. I probably should have purchased two of these. All that paper sort of grows out of control quickly.
The addition of just a few new bins allowed me to tidy things up elsewhere in the room quite a bit.
You'll see I've taken full advantage of the under the table space.

Have I mentioned that this is a TINY room?? How they got away with calling it a third bedroom is beyond me. But it works. And by golly I am so, so very thankful to have this little nook.
Here's the table top with all my sewing books and magazines tucked away there in that back space that is totally useless as work surface because of the sloped ceiling. Those magazine holders were free--perk of working at a library--and covering them in something pretty is on my "to do" list. The trays hold seasonal fabrics mostly because I didn't know what else to do with them and the baskets hold a mish mash of notions that I like to keep close at hand. 

The glitter shoes? Well, those belong to the Bug and were awaiting a fresh coat of glitter on the worn toes.
I just realized I didn't photograph my sewing machine. Ha! Oops! Well, trust me, it's just to the left of this frame.  More little notions and tools are organized nicely in this sweet little wooden crate that one of the Bug's Melissa and Doug craft kit came in.
And the top shelf of the sewing desk. I took this picture simply so I could profess my love of that nifty bobbin holder. If you don't have one, you need one. It will revolutionize your life and will whip your bobbins into shape.

I am amused by the foreshortening of the nasty toothbrush I use to clean the lint out of my machine. Gross but necessary. It gets crazy dusty in there. Just keeping it real I guess.

And here you have the motherload.
If you want a laugh, compare these photos to the photos in the post I made right after we set up this room for my sewing.  Oh how things have changed in a year and a half.

In fairness, the majority of the fabric I have now was inherited. I swear.

On the wooden shelf (microwave cart) you have vintage sheets, apparel fabrics, knits, felt, pre-cuts, upholstery weight fabric, linen and muslin.

The wire shelf holds mostly cottons with my satins up there on top (next to packing boxes). Yeah, I know it ain't pretty. I know that my stacks (and stacks, and stacks) of fabric could be more neatly folded. But I ran out of steam. And the reality is, they don't need to be neatly folded because as much as I pull things in and out of there it would never stay neat. So long as I can see everything (and my floor) I am a happy camper.

So I hope you've enjoyed that little glimpse into my world.  It's not perfect. There's still a lot of stuff I'd like to change and do. But it's morphing into a really usable little space where I love to spend my time.

And did I mention how happy I am to see the floor?


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