Tuesday, February 8, 2011

A Winter Purse

I've been thinking for a few months now that I needed a purse that was a bit more seasonally appropriate. Something about those pink flowers just wasn't working for me in the dead of winter.

So I set out with the same pattern as before, but with a few tweaks this time.
This one is a bit smaller. The first time around I thought it was sort of ridiculous to do the pleats on the inside as well as on the outside. It seemed like a waste of time, not to mention it made the pockets lay funny.

However, I didn't even consider that without the pleats the lining would be significantly smaller than the outside of the bag. Ah well, live and learn. I wanted smaller, I got smaller.
I used this gorgeous grey wool. I'm pretty sure I'm allergic to it since my eyes get all itchy if I touch them after touching the fabric. But isn't it pretty? Oh the price I will pay for fashion.
My eyes may be red and swollen, but look! Isn't my purse cute?

The lace is courtesy of Grandma. The age makes it just a love shade of ecru.  And I love the pointy scallops. It adds such a nice feminine touch up against the somewhat cold, masculine grey wool.
Another slight pattern adaptation, I went with one long strap rather than two short straps.
I absolutely hate when my purse slips off my shoulder. Most of the time, I am carrying far too much stuff (Mother = Pack Mule) to deal with a runaway purse. So this strap is long enough to sling across my body. Locked and loaded. It's not going anywhere.

You can barely see, but I also did a nice decorative scallop stitch down each side of the strap. I think it's one of my favorite little touches.
And inside? Well, I couldn't help but add just a touch of Spring.
We are super anxious for it around here!
This paisley fabric is one of my favorites from my stash. I love the unexpected drama it adds to a fairly simple bag.

I won't say having a new bag has made me wish for winter to stick around any longer than it needs to.
But it might have softened the blow a bit when I woke up to even more snow on the ground this morning.


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  1. =D
    I haven't seen any snow for a couple of days now. Grandpa and I are having a good time down here. It's going to be real tough to return home tomorrow.