Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Custom Purse

I recently finished up an order for a custom made purse for a friend.
It's made from my favorite purse tutorial with a few adaptations.
My first adaptation was a slit pocket on the front.
(Like that piping? I made it myself!)
Next, a zipper pocket and key fob inside.
Then the standard wall o'pockets that I do on most of my bags.
I am such a fan of pockets. It was fun to get some practice creating some new ones. Especially the zipper pocket. I will definitely be doing more of those.

And in the process I decided I need a new spring purse too. I feel like I just finished my winter one but like everyone, this year I am more than ready for Spring to come and to stay! So stay tuned! I'm actually going to be trying a slightly different tutorial but hopefully applying some of the things I've learned with this bag.

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